Who we are.


We are a club dedicated to the promotion of photography. Whether it be digital, film or PDI, we strive to encourage the best that photographers and their cameras can produce, and hopefully, instil in our members the incentive to create that “perfect image” either for their own enjoyment or for competition.

We encourage our members to achieve photographic distinctions by providing guidance, when necessary, to enable them to do this. There are members of all levels within our club from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, all eager to share their skills and knowledge.

Members shall elect the club officers and other committee members at the end of each season at the Annual General Meeting.  No person can be elected to or hold more than one position of Office.

Club Structure

Positions of Office
(Officers also sit on committee)

Committee Members
NIPA Member
Competition/Exhibition Secretary
Child/Vulnerable persons protection officer
Other committee positions may be filled as they arise.

Throughout the year, a quorum of 60% of the committee may amend and/or introduce further regulations as required.

WestCourt Centre

The Westcourt Centre in Belfast aims to promote social inclusion and reduce disadvantage through education.

We are grateful to the Westcourt Centre for their support, and, in turn, we, as an independent camera club, are determined to assist with their social programmes and activities wherever possible.