January 16, 2020

January 2020- Week Ending 5th

A note to keep everyone informed, this Thursday we are reviewing the Homelessness Awareness project. Taking the images from the
Doorways of Belfast display to create a poster / collage using layers through photoshop. The outcome hopefully, will provide us with
a proper record of the collective work of Westcourt Camera Club, the finished item designed to increase awareness of and potentially
help in reducing Homelessness in our community. The completed image can then potentially be used to promote this years event.

The NIPA annual exhibition is currently on display at The Island arts Centre in Lisburn Castlereagh Council offices in Lisburn, the opening
of the event takes place tonight at 7.30pm, it would be great if some members were available to attend this important event.

Next Thursday the 16th of January is a big night on the club program, Des Connors of Brefni Camera Club is presenting a collection of his
images. With a very distinguished career in photography and a collection of excellent images in a variety of mediums, this will be a very
enjoyable evening, it is also open to friends and family, who will, no doubt be entertained with the presentation. This has been a long
standing invitation and a good attendance will help make it very worthwhile.