June 2, 2020

May 2020- Week Ending 31st

A successful online meeting on Thursday night last, great to see another stage of development with the increase in the gallery to 9 on the screen.

As outlined there are a number of points that need to be progressed on various aspects of club business. Here is a summary of points for the benefit of those who missed the meeting.

John H has requested those members who attended the evening at St Marys to take some images back at the beginning of March, if possible can they forward the images onward to him directly via email. The PP Fr Tim Bartlett has started to upgrade his parish website and would like to use the members images where possible for there process.

as previously outlined the AGM will take place on Thursday the 11th of June, members with any points or matters relating to club business should advise the secretary in writing for their inclusion on the agenda and discussion within the forum of the meeting.

Paul highlighted the Youtube information on a project within 1000 meters of your home by Thomas Heaton, its thought for members to possibly work on a similar idea during the course of the present circumstance in the community.

Attached is the RAW file image for members to download at their leisure for processing, this is not a competition it’s a bit of a fun exercise  to view, share and compare the outcomes from all. The image is underexposed by a stop F8 1/800 and handheld at ISO 200 taken in early March pre Lockdown.

Saturday the 20th of June is a planned outing to a location suitable to facilitate compliance with the guidelines on social distancing. Details on the outing will follow

prior to departure. (Its not that far)

On another related point of business we hope to invite a guest to join the group at a later point to gain their knowledge or suggestion on this years project.

Stay safe, see you Thursday with the apple tart!