October 21, 2019

October 2019- Week Ending 13th

Just a note to say thanks on behalf of all to Martin & Jim for their presentation last night, great to have our own members step up to show their skill and give time to present in their own club. As Damian highlighted more nights like this add to the enjoyment of the club program.

Also thanks to  Donal (Biscuits, Milk, Sugar) and Desi (Suits, Props) for volunteering with the portraits


A couple of key points from last nights information, next week we have R2 on the genre of Landscape, PDI entries should be sent to Jim for entry  by Sunday night if at all possible. We start next week at 7.30 and the competition is going to be judged by Robert Sergeant of CPA who has accepted the invitation. All entries to be handed to John and Jim on arrival for presentation.


Wednesday 23rd Oct  is the adjudication of Round 1 NIPA inter-club hosted by BPIC at their premise in Lorne Street Community Centre, prints will be  on display from 7.30pm and the judges will provide feedback to the audience from 8.00pm.


We mentioned a few points last night about the NIPA V IPF PDI Nature Competition open to all members through the NIPA website, those with an interest in natural history should make an effort to enter this event. on the point of natural history the RFNHM competition is again hosted by Newtownards CC this year and takes place on Friday the 6th of December the venue to be advised later. Entries must be submitted through the club for delivery to the organisers at the earliest opportunity.

Please keep the Homelessness Awareness program in your plans on the theme of Doorways of Belfast. We need to have images ready for the review planned

for the 1st night in November when Cormac will provide an update on the plans for presentation.


Can someone put the details of this on the club FB pages for reference in case it gets lost in translation.