June 2, 2020

May 2020- Week Ending 3rd

Following receipt of all the entries to the on-line PDI competition on the theme of Yellow, here is a short exercise for all members to complete prior to the judging of the final entries.

The attached PDI has been specifically produced for the purpose of this exercise.

Taking into account the photographic elements of the picture as presented, I would ask each member to write

a short (100 → 200 words) critique. Negative as well as positive comments are welcome.

Try and avoid cliché terms we often hear in judging.Be precise and factual with your points / remarks.

A personal like or dislike of the image is irrelevant and needs no comment.

As they say on the game show,……….’say what you see’

This is designed as a fun exercise, following receipt of replies we will then enter into the next stage of our on line competition.